The 1 thing you need when trouble pays you a visit….

Over the past few days I have heard myself say the phrase “it could be worse” over and over again…..because when you stop and think about it, things could be much worse.

When I came home from church last Sunday, I was welcomed by a busted water heater.  The water was pouring out of the bottom so quickly that it was going with force in every direction.  My daughter’s room, her closet and bathroom were the hardest hit.  The garage baseboards were about 75% saturated and water had found it’s way into the kitchen, office and laundry room.  When I opened the door and stepped into the entry water was high enough to come over my soles and into my shoes.  There was a lot of water where water wasn’t supposed to be, and it was very discouraging.

I posted my situation on Facebook and instantly people were offering wisdom they had gained from dealing with the same situation in their lives.  People were offering to come help us mop up the mess.  People offered to let us stay at their home or at very least use their showers so we could have some hot water.  People came over to help us pull up carpet, move heavy furniture and sweep gallons of water out of our garage and kitchen.  People were disappointed that we were having to deal with such a mess.  People were……there.

I received a message from a dear friend of mine that lives in another country.  He expressed his sadness over our situation and agreed to pray with us.  This was particularly humbling because my friend is rich in many ways…..he is rich in mercy, love, compassion and grace.  Materially he has very little.  He doesn’t have consistent access to purified water much less hot water.  He often times sleeps under a mosquito net outside because it is the only way to catch an evening breeze.   Yet, in my “distress” he offered to pray.  I was humbled and forced to look at my situation because at the end of the day… could be worse.

So what is the 1 thing you need when trouble pays you a visit?  Community… need people to be there WITH you.

I suppose I know on an intellectual level that our “flood” could have been much worse.  In hindsight we were really lucky that we caught the problem no longer than 6 hours into the break.  On an intellectual level I know that I have been paying into an insurance policy that is going to step up to the plate and help get everything squared away.  I know on an intellectual level that material things are just that….material and therefore temporary and perishing.

But now I know something on a really raw spiritual level…..without true, authentic, genuine, loving and sacrificial friends whether here or around the world…..things WOULD be – not could be – much worse.

Do you have a community around you?

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