Mother’s Day

I am rarely at a loss for words but they just seem so inadequate…..

Where am I supposed to begin when it comes to describing the impact my mom and my wife have had on my life??

I will just suffice it to say:

My life is richer….

My calling is clearer….

My parenting is bolder….

My leadership is more confident….

My insecurities are less welcomed….

My fears are less controlling….

My hope is more profound….

My joy is more complete…..

My perspective is broader….

My laughter is more sincere….

My days are more intentional….

My heart is full with gratitude for allowing me to be raised by my mom, Patty Lamb.  I could write volume after volume of stories that remind me of just how present God has been all of these years and the way He used her life and love to guide me in truth.

My blessing did not stop when I left home because God allowed me to marry Marlo…..daily I am reminded of God’s grace and patience with me as I see her nurture and guide our children in the way of His truth.

Happy Mother’s Day to you both…..I will never be able to say thank you enough….your eternal reward awaits!

Love you,


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