My thoughts on Baylor…..

While deeply saddened that the quest for athletic successes blinded the basic decency and spiritual clarity of my alma mater I am grateful for what appears to be steadfast resolve by the Board of Regents to root out and solve the problem. As a Baylor alum I trust that this season of brokenness and exposure will ultimately be redeemed for the benefit of our Christian faith and witness.

There are worse things than being the door mat of a conference… if we never see another championship again so be it if we are able to move forward with the greater and eternal mission of sharing the hope of Christ with the world.

For those who had their lives shaken and hope shattered by the complacency of leadership involved…..may you through the grace of God be given supernatural healing. For those that have lost and will lose their jobs because of negligence and cover-up…..may you find repentance and ultimately forgiveness. For those who see opportunity to capitalize specifically on the failure of the Baylor Football program…..may you not forget the price paid for your potential benefit. For those that seem surprised that sport idolatry has produced such reprehensible fruit…..may this serve as a reminder that what happens on the field isn’t more important than what is happening in the heart. For those that lead and serve and study at Baylor who are not culpable in any way…..may you continue to fling your green and gold afar for the glory of God.

Today I am torn…..sickened by the truth of what was allowed to hide in the darkness while being proud of our Regents for doing what is right even when it hurts. ‪#‎sicem‬

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Baylor…..

  1. Great post Randy. Sorry to see such a great program go through this, but hope and pray that this is the beginning of a Spiritual Revival in that school. May God continue to bless this school as they try to fix and turn away from this issue.


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