The last thing I will do for my kids before school starts this year…

We have enjoyed a wonderful summer full of family fun. We have grappled with the reality that school is about to start. We have stormed the aisles of WalMart for school supplies. We have purchased clothes that meet the dress code requirements. We have met the teachers, roamed the halls and made plans to get to bed early tonight because tomorrow they are off to a new year. We will have a sophomore, a 5th grader and a 2nd grader and couldn’t be more excited for each of them as the take a step into the next chapter. There is only one other thing left to do and it is the last thing I will do for my kids before they go back to school……I will pray for them.

God – thank you for Sydney, Micah and Sutton. Thank you for gifting them to Marlo and I and for giving us the opportunity to know them and love them. Tomorrow they will each step into a new part of their story. As they move forward in their lives I am asking that you help me to trust you as you go with them. It brings me such comfort to know that in the moments when I am not physically there for them that you, through your Holy Spirit, are present……so please:

Give them eyes that are able to see where you are at work and the courage to position themselves in your will.

Give them minds that are able to not only consume information but leverage that information for your purposes.  

Give them ears that are able to hear not just the clanging chatter of the world but the sweet and gracious voice of your Spirit.

Give them mouths that learn to speak life into the brokenness and death that surrounds them.

Give them skin that is thick enough to not be offended by every little thing that doesn’t go their way yet soft enough to feel empathy for others.

Give them open hands that are willing to serve the needs of others.

Give them legs that are strong enough to support them as they stand against the enemy yet humble enough to bow before you.

Give them feet that will carry them into their future with grace and boldness.

Give them courage when they are afraid and peace when they are is despair.

Give them the capacity to love the unlovable.

Guard the purity of their bodies.

Surround them with people who will encourage always and correct when needed.

Grace them with wisdom that is beyond their years and discernment that is supernatural.

Grace them with the ability to dream big dreams, to reject the fear of failure and the motivation to move forward.

May the name and grace of Jesus never be far from their lips as they step into their mission field.

In Jesus name I pray,




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